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Gah. Forgot to share

Nothing too exciting.

Yesterday I stopped at SB for an afternoon liquid crack session.  Got my coffee, walked out to my car, opened the door and *SPLOOOSH* the lid popped off and out flew about 6 oz of coffee into my car.  All over the seat, down the front of the seat and on the carpet.

I was all "welp, that sucks!" and marched back in.  Thankfully, the chicks inside were nice enough to not laugh in my face and also give me a towel to clean my car out.  They ALSO gave me a whole new cup of coffee.

It could've been worse I guess. 

Re: Gah. Forgot to share

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    Starbucks people are pretty nice about things like that.

    I grabbed coffee for H and 7 of his closest co-workers a couple weeks ago, and they were out of those little cardboard trays. 2 employees paraded out to my car with me and helped secure al the cups in various cup holders and made a little spill-proof barrier on the floor of my car. 
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    I guess you pay extra for the service.  I just hate when I don't put the lid on right and it sneaks off and SURPRISE.  Coffee everywhere.
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