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to answer the post I had up when I am in a serious turmoil about my marriage by saying I suck is not what I need right now. People can be such jerks. I will find my help elsewhere. thanks

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    flower_divaflower_diva member
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    marry the man and you marry his problems whether it is his family or children. SWound like you could use a neutral arty(family therapist) to help you sort out where you are at. Keep the wedding on hold for the time being,you may need to take a breather from the relationship.

    my grandmother always said" love is blind.but marriage is an eye opener"  maybe the blinders are just coming off ................
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    TheDuckisTheDuckis member
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    No. Do not marry this man. You both kindof suck. Him for not doing everything in his power to be a part of his child's life, and you for being more concerned about what happens when he's forced to step up than about the poor kid being raised without a dad.
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    redheadtmkredheadtmk member
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    Everything Duckis said. How can you respect a man who abandons his child? And it is ok to be apprehensive about being a step mom. But saying that the child coming into his life would ruin your new perfect family is selfish and immature. Neither of you are ready for marriage. Grow up and then think about marriage.
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    People can be so mean and stupid to jump to conclusions about people when they don't know a whole story and have never been in the situation themselves. I was wrong to post when I thought people would be helpful and give caring answers.

    I think you are the one who sucks. thanks for nothing
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