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Hey everyone! This is my first post and I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I went to a local caterer, and she showed us a several page menu with the last page being a list of requirements. She went through many of the requirements with us, but skipped the particular one which has caused my dilemma. Here's what happened: after showing us pictures of food/cakes, I went home and discussed with my mother. I decided to go with this caterer for the food, but not for the cake. So I went to another bakery, tasted and chose a cake, and completely paid for a cake at this bakery in advance. This bakery has a $100 non-refundable deposit required. A few days later I put down the non-refundable deposit ($300) for the caterer. After putting down these deposits, I realized that one of the caterer's stipulations on her menu requirements page was that she had to do the cake in order to do any reception catering! 

I am so upset with myself for not reading that requirements page more closely before I put down the deposit and bought another cake! I literally could kick myself!  YellThe reason that I chose to go to another bakery is because, while the caterer's food looked delicious, her cakes looked a little ... I don't want to say sloppy, but not as polished and perfected as I wanted. What should I do?? She is really the only caterer in our area, and I really want the other bakery to do the cake and I want her to cater the food. 

Any advice would be appreciated! 

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    Can you use the bakery for the pretty cake you take pictures of and use the caterers cake to cut and serve?
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    [QUOTE]Can you use the bakery for the pretty cake you take pictures of and use the caterers cake to cut and serve?
    Posted by 6fsn[/QUOTE]

    <div>I second this idea!  Perhaps have your caterer make the groom's cake?</div>
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    Yeah, there's nothing wrong with having two cakes, if one is more understated. If this isn't a possibility, I suggest just losing your $100 over $300, and cut costs somewhere else. Sorry this happened to you! That stinks!
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    Thanks everyone for your suggestions!

    I think the idea of having another cake is a great idea. Like everyone suggested, I'm hoping to have the caterer make a smaller groom's cake for the reception. After all, the requirement doesn't state what type of cake or a minimum size/price range for the cake. I would have already asked the caterer, but she is recovering from surgery.

    Again, thank you all so much!
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