Checks (long but with PIPs)

I've been MIA a little but very busy and productive.  I'm happy to have several checks to report!  Sorry it's so long. 

We're officially booking the caterer tonight!  I can't wait to have that done.  Going with Pyramid and many thanks to all for the recommendations and especially Niq!  Pyramid came in closest to our budget including the extras that we wanted. 

Thanks to the mega sale at Joann's a week or so ago, I've come up with a new centerpiece mockup that I love.  This will be for half the tables and we'll still do something with the apples for the other half:

I made a pom using Sarack's directions in her bio.  Thanks, Sarack!  It turned out alright but definitely was time consuming.  If anyone plans to sell their green poms following their summer or fall wedding please let me know! :-)  The color is a normal shade of green - not sure why this photo turned out bad but oh well.  I'm also going to change the ribbon to a darker purple (it's on the table in the background).

Last, but not least, I think I found the dress!  Which probably requires a separate post cause I need opinions on one part of it.

Ok, sorry for AWing but I'm very excited to keep making progress.

Re: Checks (long but with PIPs)

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    great checks!!

    my only advice is that it looksl ike you didn't round the edges of the little accordian things you made before you fluffed them. The pomander shouldn't have straight lines like that. GL with the rest!
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    great checks!
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    Awww, yay I'm glad pyramid worked out for you! :)

    And from the photo I think your instinct about using the darker purple is spot on.

    Also lol at honeymoon "photo". :D

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    Love the new centerpiece.
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