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cold black heart

In a post below, a bride to be is upset that her puppy died.   Yes, that's very sad.   And the puppy was going to be in her wedding and carry the rings.  Even more sad.

But my initial thought (besides how does a puppy just up and die?): Maybe it's for the best?  You were really expecting your puppy to behave well enough for a wedding ceremony and also to carry the rings?   That has disaster written all over it.

Re: cold black heart

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    My heart is as cold and dead as yours.
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    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    I can do you one better:

    Another co-worker had her car broken into while they were someplace on vacation.  Her camera bag was stolen with all of her SD cards of old events, like 2-5 years old events.  She's mourning the loss.

    Me:  (incredulous voice) You don't have them backed up or printed off anywhere?  *crickets*  Oh.  Sorry.  *runs away*
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    I was thinking along the same lines on the puppy.  I had a similar experience as V too.  A coworker was telling me her son's camera was stolen and it had all of the pics of the grandkid on it from birth.  The kid was 1 and they'd never downloaded or printed a pic.

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