Monday Check-In

Hey ladies!! How was your weekend? How are you doing with wedding planning? 

I had a good weekend. Kept up the workout (I am doing Brazil Butt Lift lol) and did a dress fitting. I had to sew in the padding, since I am quite small in the bust area. I am so excited to wear my dress in 68 days!!!
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Re: Monday Check-In

  • Last Week
    -Outlined Ceremony with our Pastor
    - Premarital Couseling session #3 is done
    -Tried another cake tasting- it failed. They failed to even come out to help us after 40 miuntes of waiting.
    -Ordered part of the girls gifts
    -Dress Fitting #1
    -Talked to the flower people

    Next Week
    -Order Invites
    -Cake tasting attempt  #3
    - Work out the DJ situation
    -Start buying mason jars

    I ordered down a size, thank god I lost some weight! It fits well, I have 10 more Lbs to go :D

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  • Busy weekend unpacking the final few boxes, buying things for the house and actually did some wedding planning.

    Last week/weekend: 
    Picked up FI ring
    Selected e-photos we want for our guest book
    Finalized menu

    This week
    Book transportation
    Hopefully convince FI to pick out his suit.
    Research ceremony ideas - planning the ceremony with our officiant next week
    Shop for shoes

    Sparent - you look great in the dress.   I am holding off on scheduling my first fitting until June hopefully can lose a few more pounds before then.  I did lose 2 last week which is finally headed back in the right direction.  

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  • I had an amazing weekend! It was very hard to come back to work today.
    I took Friday off and had my hair done, I just started the process of going back blonde. Hopefully by the time my engagement photo shoot is (9/30) it will be much more blonde. Fingers crossed.

    I went to the Snohomish wedding tour yesterday with my mom. We had a great time even though it rained. I got contact info for a potential photographer and DJ. The photographer rates are better than a friend of a friend was going to do for us, and their style is more modern, which I prefer.

    Tomorrow we're doing a dinner/tasting at Monte Cristo Ballroom and once that's done I'll know for sure if I'm sticking with the Pan Pacific or not. So far, Pan Pacific is in the lead (not like it's a race or anything!!) :)
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  • I did loads and loads of laundry this weekend. Nothing wedding related at all, besides talking about the fact that FMIL is coming out to visit, and I asked Fi to book the officiant.

    This week:
    -Book officiant
    -Book cake tastings
    -Order invites?
    -For serious diet time

    Sparent: Your dress looks great! I'm jealous - I ordered mine a size small, but still haven't lost any weight :( 

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    I had a great weekend. Saw lots of friends and had a girls night last night with my best friend, went to dinner and a movie.

    Friday we booked our venue (but forgot our checkbook!) and today we went back to visit with my mom and best friend, and put down the deposit. Now we officially have a date!!

    Later this week, or next, we are meeting with two photographers. 

    Can't wait!!
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  • aaahh yay sparent you look so awesome!!!
    yay for AWing your gown because I have been wondering what it looks like!! :) 
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