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    No, I did not feel that way.  Honestly, you sound like a doormat, like you'll do whatever anyone else suggests whether you like it or not.  I'd work on that.
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    Hmmm, I think maybe you're trying to please everyone, sometimes at your own cost.  That's why partly lost your heart for the wedding, as it's no longer really "yours". Maybe you could make a list of the points that are most unsatisfaying and unsettling for you and write how you would like it to be. Step by step, change those issues to suit you best. Otherwise you simply won't be happy.  I hope you don't mind the advice, it's just that when I read your post I really felt moved by your discouragement.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)
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    [QUOTE]I don't even know. Anyone else feeling this way? You have an idea, a vague vision that needs improving. [/QUOTE]

    plus this
    [QUOTE]Guess I'm not asking for advice, just if anyone else feels this way, kind of like the whole vision has been ripped out from under their feet through "comprimise?"
    Posted by LilyRae[/QUOTE]

    equals heffa is right.
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    Who is paying for this wedding?  If you are paying than you shouldn't let everyone tell you what to do with your money.  If your mom is paying than they do get a big say in how the money is spent.  

    It really just sounds like you need to reign things in a bit. Seems like you are loosing sight of your theme and what you wanted in the first place.  I hope you don't end up with crazy mismatched stuff just because someone else wanted them!
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