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"easy a" with emma stone

it was fine.  as expected, everyone in the movie is pushing 30 so yes, it takes place in high school.

emma stone was hilarious.  i may be reincorporating "oooh BURN" back into my vocabulary.

the overall conceit, the webcast, was a little annoying.  just tell the story, yo.

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    Yes. All of that.

    I did LOVE her parents in that movie.
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    DG1DG1 member
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    I like her, but she's getting a little overexposed. IIRC, this movie was from a year or two ago, but I think she needs to take a tiny break so absence can make the heart grow fonder and all that.

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    I adore this movie, and watch it every time it's on.
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    the part where the original guy asks her for the favor, and talks about the torture he endures at school as a gay man made me a little teary. 

    i was nicely surprised that the girl who plays the annoying bff was in aly and aj, or as i know them, prussian blue.
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