Who's Marrying You???

My officiant isn't that efficient.... he is uncomfortable marrying the FI and I because a long, long, long time ago him and I went on a date.... I'm saying, 6 years ago, way before FI.... He's married now, to one of my friends, I just don't know how he can be uncomfortable.... FI is perfectly comfortable with it, I am completely comfortable with it, so I just don't get it!!!

Our problem is, we were really relying on him to marry us, for little to no cost at all.  So now we have an unexpected cost that we didn't budget in.  So I am hoping that we will find someone that will marry us, and not charge an arm and a leg.  I am trying really hard not to let this affect my happy go lucky mood, but this is the one thing that we must have to get married....  

So Who's Marrying You.... and can I have there info?? Laughing
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Re: Who's Marrying You???

  • sparent2010sparent2010 member
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    I am not sure what my parent's pastor is charging. But you can always get a friend ordanied if you want to go that route.
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    We used Mary McDonald from marryinseattle.com. Her rates are very low IMO, compared to the market. She is however, non-religious....not what your looking for. But she will customize/personalize a ceremony exactly how you want it.
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  • zoiesmurfzoiesmurf member
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    I'm not sure what he charges as he is a family friend, and my stepdad took care of the cost, but we are being married by Mike Rohrback. He is a pastor. His email is [email protected]. He's a lot of fun to work with, and is comfortable tailoring the ceremony to what you want. Smile
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    reverend ray! He is the greatest!
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    We are having a close friend of ours marry us. He's getting ordained online.
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