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So today was my RSVP deadline...

See below?  That's right, 27 people are jerks.
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Re: So today was my RSVP deadline...

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    on the bright side, you seem to have the best response rate out of everyone that has posted theirs. I say put callbacks on FI's list of to dos.
  • melissa82melissa82 member
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    edited December 2011
    That's really not bad at all! Only like 14 couples! Still annoying though, I understand. =)
  • Koolkay83Koolkay83 member
    edited December 2011
    funny today was my RSVP deadline too!...30 said yes and 6 are not coming
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  • edited December 2011
    It's funny to see how many people puts theirs in the mail late. Like PP said not that bad but still annoying. It is getting so close!
  • edited December 2011
    Actually, yeah! I'm quite impressed!
  • carrieoz_76carrieoz_76 member
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    edited December 2011
    Yea, but that means that over 75% of the people you invited actually responded, which I think is a relatively good rate of response.

    You know, glass half full and all that.  :)
  • edited December 2011
    i agree, your rate is pretty good. i'd start asking your guests via phone, email, text and have your mom and family ask people. we're stilling geting notification!
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    Maybe they put them in the mail on the date due? I tend to do that with bills. Technically it's not late lol Give a couple days and see if more come in. But like pp said, you have a good amount of responses!
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    I just followed up and emailed and phone stalked them. A lot of those that didn't respond were no's, but some were yes's and they had assumed that they had already RSVP'd...... don't know where their minds were at!!
    Just do some research and don't wait too long till the week before you have to give the head count. You won't stress so much!
    But yay for the percentage rate!! You didn't waste so many stamps like a bunch of us! Lol!
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