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Pre-wedding jitters?

I just booked my venue last Friday and was super excited BUT ALSO a little scared and nervous, especially to be putting down that kind of money. Perhaps even more so because that moment sort of finalized everything. The whole, holy crap, I really am getting married realization hit me over the head. And I got pretty freaked.

Did anyone get jittery or nervous during pre-wediding planning? Anyone experience cold feet? Or second thoughts?

I'd like to get some feedback from people who have been through the jitters.

Re: Pre-wedding jitters?

  • ReturnOfKuusReturnOfKuus member
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    The thought of all those people staring at me while I walked down the aisle really freaked me out.  And I got the shakes pondering the possibility that people might try to hug or dance with me.
  • TheDuckisTheDuckis member
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    Nope. I never had a moment of nerves or second thoughts.
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    I had tons of second thoughts. I had already been married once and it was a horrible experience that I vowed to never repeat.

    Then I would breathe deeply for a moment and remember how much I adore the man I am with, and how I cannot imagine him not being a part of my life. He's my best friend and so much more than that.

    Also: I communicated these feelings with him, and he was reassuring that he would not in fact take the crazy train to psycho town where he would get off, head into the first bar he could find, and stay there.

    So here we are, married.
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  • LoveMuffinsLoveMuffins member
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    I don't have second thoughts, but sometimes I wish we could just elope because the waiting is killing me. I have issues with being anxious about stuff while I'm waiting, and waiting 11 months for something so big... I get all butterflies in stomach, hand shaking, naseau panicky moments sometimes. Especially when I do something big, like picking out the venue.

    I think my biggest fear is that he'll change his  mind, although (as he pointed out to me) he asked me without any kind of prompting or anything from me. I think he feels the same way too though, anxiety wise, because he said something the other day about how he's more secure now that there's ink and paper involved =P

    We'd both been in very long, serious relationships (7 years) before, with someone we thought we were going to marry, and had it not work out... so it's a little nervewracking. I was actually in the initial steps of planning the wedding with my ex, so I got especially panicky after choosing a venue, etc., waiting for FI to suddenly change his mind or something =P Now we're past that, but I still get all woozy in the head sometimes... most recently when I found the music that I want to walk down the aisle to! It just feels so unreal sometimes... and all too real other times!

    God I wish I could make the next 208 days go by faster!
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