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Do I have high Expectations?

I've hired a wedding planner as I'm having a destination wedding and I feel like I'm doing all the planning, only I'm not going to get a big fat commission cheque once the wedding's over.

I expected that she would be coming to me with ideas for venues after asking me what my dream wedding was, only I found the venue after weeks of telling her what we wanted.  I expected an outline and time table of when certain decisions needed to be made, haven't got that.  I expected that when I asked for photos of the reception site that they would be sent to me within a week or so, not 2 months after I first asked.  I expected when she told me that she was putting together her ideas for site decor that she may have actually drawn something out rather than put a bunch of pictures into a Word document and suggest colours for linens that aren't even my wedding colours!  I expected that when I sent the document back to her letting her know that the she got my colours wrong that she would at least update the document and send it back to me, no...its been 4 days.   

Am I expecting too much?

Re: Do I have high Expectations?

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    are your expectations clearly documented in a contract, stating exactly what she is supposed to do for you?

    i don't think your expectations are unreasonable, but i think you and your planner have a misunderstanding about what she has been hired to do.
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    I would definitely take a look at your contract.

    I believe the "politically correct" term for your planner is actually Coordinator too btw. Her job is to coordinate all the elements of your wedding together based on your vision. That being said - the reason you hired her is for her knowledge of the industry and personal experience with vendors (and possible discounts based on those relationships). Is she accredited through any professional association? What are her credentials?

    For what it's worth I don't think you're being unreasonable. My coordinator never took more than 2 days to get back to me unless she was on a business trip. She would present me with vendor options and ideas based on her past coordinating experience and I could either pick one of those options and she would take care of reserving them or I could find something else and ask for her opinion.
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