DIY BM Totes: Help!

I started one yesterday (they were cheap ones from orientaltrading.com that I reinforced and added a black lining to). I need some inspiration. I can't do embroidery so I don't know what to do with them! 

Here's a bad cell phone picture of it.
They are black and tan with a eggplant purple ribbon around the bottom (to match their dresses) and black & white polka dot ribbon around the top with a bow.

Should I use fabric paint or iron on appliques? I don't know...

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Re: DIY BM Totes: Help!

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    I would probably go with iron on appliques. I just think that it would be a cleaner look, and it seems like there is less margin for error. I would be way too OCD about painting them and making it perfect, but with iron ons you can lay it all out ahead of time.
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    I think you are right! Thanks!
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