Wedding Woes

A story.

My BFF's brother married a really trashy, nasty and manipulative girl. Please to recall this was the wedding in NJ the weekend before Christmas in 2008.

She "accidentally" got pregnant and had her son in May of 2010. She's a HS teacher, and he works for a large company. She has consistantly schit on her husband's family. His parents moved to SC last fall, came up for Christmas, but spent Christmas Eve in a hotel room because their daughter in law and son didn't invite them for Christmas Eve, which they were spending with her family. They were only invited for Christmas Day. She has spent the last year whining about how she never got to travel before she was married and had a kid and other such nonsense, and how they live in a rental apartment when they should have a house, etc.

Anyway, homegirl met a man at work and proceeded to sleep with him. Her husband finds out via a text message. He gets his own apartment, and she has a date with the new man on Friday so their son can stay with him.

I feel awful for him. I've known him since I was 6 years old. HIs entire family lives in SC, so he's really alone right now. Poor guy.
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Re: A story.

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    DG1DG1 member
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    Poor guy. Time to initiate divorce proceedings, get custody, and move.

    This reminds me of when NBIL and SIL were both dating other people and would babysit so the other could go on a date with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Oh, and SIL was KU with #3 at the time. 

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    6fsn6fsn member
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    Poor guy.

    WTF DG?  That is some serious trash there.
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    At least he decided he wouldn't take it.  That girl is just nastay.  :(
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