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I really need to start making the tent decor some sort of poms. I know they are labor intense but that is why am I starting now. Which goes better with my vintage- rustic theme? What colors? Or should I just buy paper laterns? I love the eyelet ones from martha stewart but they only come in white. Here are a few pictures of the ones I would consider making.

I would like to drape a few on a couple strains of string behind the alter which is in between two trees and speraticlly hang them in the tent. Should I only use one type of mix it up. Should I use my colors or no color?

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    Where are the pictures? As for the fact that they only come in white, dying paper is pretty easy. You could always just buy one and test it. I had a tutorial in one of my magazines from last year (running somewhere around the house) on how to do ombre shading on the paper lanterns.
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    Sorry dont know what happened it cut off have my post. Fixed :) I think I like the tulle ones the best. But could I make large ones of those or only small I wonder
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    I like the tulle best, too, seconded by the second picture. I don't like the moss/leafy one so much. Not sure how they would look large, I would worry that they might get rather little-girl-princessy/ballet-tutu. I guess the only way to know is just make a trial one!

    Alternately, I was hunting through what's new at Ikea and there's a bunch of cute stuff depending on how much you want to spend, how much you want to stick with your red and blue. Other idea would be to alternate some of the stuff I'm going to PIP/link here in a sec with the poms.

    Since you're reception is outside, I can't remember but it's going to run pretty late. Mosquito concerns? Because these are cute and would easily hang from tents and you could put citronella candles in them. They would alternate with poms nicely!

    BARFOTA - Hanging tealight holder - $4.99  / 2 pack

    I do have a massive fondness for the Ikea lanterns, although with the glass I don't know if they would disperse enough citronella, but they sure do twinkle pretty at night. Online says just black, white and galvinized but the picture has them in red and blue, too! Maybe in sotre? Or if you feel like it's getting too much red and blue, you could go with the plain galvinized metal ones which would fit in with rustic just great.

    Last but not least are these fun different paper lanterns that are solar powered (SOLIG). You could string the tiny ones along the rim, use the large rounds ($9.99 ea) interspersed with poms. These long tall ones I think would be cool just on the end poles. Again, it depends how late you go at night but would help with ambient lighting.

    8 globes - $19.99

    $9.99 ea

    $19.99 ea

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    IKEA has the lanterns in all 4 colors and the black, white, and silver ones.  At least they did when I bought my white ones a month ago! 

    As for the white eyelet - bonus of white is it's easy to re-sell after the wedding. :)
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