What are you doing for your officiant?  FI and I are not religious.  We're trying to decide between having a friend do the internet thing vs. hiring someone.  For some reason I didn't have hiring someone in the budget.  However, I want someone who will make it feel like the sense of occasion that it is, someone who will have fun with it but not be too goofy.  So..

What's the average rate for an officiant?

Who is officiating your wedding?

Is this person a friend, clergy, or what relationship do they have to you and your FI?

Why did you pick them?

If you hired them, would you recommend this person or any other officiants? 

Other comments, suggestions?


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    I would suggest Reverand Ray.  We picked him b/c he was affordable ($250 at the time, I think $300 now), had great reviews, was very warm and funny in person and made FI and I very comfortable.  I know that the cost starts around there and goes WAY UP depending on how personalized you want it, how much time you want to spend with them b/f, etc.

    We oringinally wanted my brother or someone to do it, but my brother thought it was weird.  Now, I'm glad we have a profession b/c if someone is uncomfortable speaking it could be very awkward.  Also, a professional has done this a million times, knows what they're doing and that really helps calm my nerves.

    Good luck!
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    My God-Father is going to perform our wedding ceremony. He's my best friends Dad, I've always been super close with him, heck, I even call him Dad. He also performed my Mom & Step-Dad's wedding ceremony 6 years ago.

    We chose him because FI has become really close with that family as well, and we wanted someone who knew us, knew our relationship, and who loved and supported us.

    Plus, he certainly has some good stories to share.... so there should be a couple laughs in our ceremony as well.

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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_washington-seattle_officiants?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:104Discussion:de02d051-d4eb-47c3-ad00-f2830772c4d9Post:58ce08ba-75ea-49aa-b7e4-bdb43885b871">Officiants???</a>:
    <font color="#0000ff">However, I want someone who will make it feel like the sense of occasion that it is, someone who will have fun with it but not be too goofy</font>.  This is EXACTLY what we were looking for.
    <font color="#0000ff">So.. What's the average rate for an officiant? </font>I don't remember exactly maybe $500? But with her it depends on the extent of what you would like her to do.
    <font color="#0000ff">Who is officiating your wedding? </font>Annemarie Juhlian <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.wedbyannemarie.com">www.wedbyannemarie.com</a> I think a few other knotties used her as well.
    <font color="#0000ff">Is this person a friend, clergy, or what relationship do they have to you and your FI?</font> We found her through a recommendation, but as we worked with her we developed a relationship. She is really great at getting to know you!
    <font color="#0000ff"> Why did you pick them?</font> We loved her personality. She was fun, took her job very seriously and was passionate.
    <font color="#0000ff"> If you hired them, would you recommend this person or any other officiants? </font>I would HIGHLY recommend her. She made our ceremony so personal and wonderful. We received a ton of compliments from our guests. 
    <font color="#0000ff">Other comments, suggestions? </font>I know we all get wrapped up in the reception and party planning and forget what's really important. To me the ceremony was extremely important and I wanted it to be personal and memorable for us. Although Annemarie was a little more expensive than we had budgeted she was well worth it! I was willing to give up a few frills here or there to get the ceremony we wanted.
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    I second dawnies79.  While Annemarie is a bit more than we had budgeted...I think she's fabulous.  We just received the ceremony that she wrote for us and I can't believe how personal it is without her really knowing us.  She is very dedicated and takes this very seriously, but she has such a warm and bubbly personality.  I am so excited that we went with her and can't wait to experience the ceremony that she has written for us.  Just reading it...I chuckled and teared up!  This was something that I had a hard time visualizing, because I've never been to a ceremony that has stood out to me.
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    My boss used the wife of this husband and wife team.


    I also met her at another wedding - she was wonderful and just want my non-religious, perfectionist, academic boss wanted.
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    I was trying to find a super cheap officiant and found one, and she also DJ's so she's pretty much just DJing for a crazy low price and officiating for free.

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    Thanks everyone for the tips!  I will be looking into all of your suggestions for this.
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    If you are still lookign for an officiant, you can check out my website for my wedding services. www.toddatchison.com

    I like to have fun during the ceremony, and believe it should be fun...just like marriage. I do my best to keep you relaxed and at ease, while making the ceremony unique to you as a couple.

    Feel free to check out my website and let me know if you have any questions.

    Todd Atchison
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