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Has anyone had jewelry reset?

sMIL has started giving away her jewelry.  She started by giving me a ruby ring and earrings.  They are not even close to my style, but might consider resetting them.  Then again I have 2 ruby rings, earrings, and necklace.  As a side note I have had more compliments on my e-ring in that past 2 weeks than I have in years.

Re: Has anyone had jewelry reset?

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    I had my engagement ring re-set. I saw a design and became obsessed with it, so as a combination birthday/anniversary/christmas gift, I had it re-set. I love it.
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    I guess the questions are, was it pricey?  These are set in gold and I'm kind of wondering if that would give me a credit.
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    I want to say it was around 1K, but that was 3 years ago. It also included additional diamonds being used, although they are super small.

    I actually still have original setting, minus the center stone, so I didn't get a credit for it. I'm sure if you asked they'd be able to buy the gold.
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    I'm sure they'd probably be willing to buy the gold or use someof it in the resetting.

    Some of the major jewelry store chains do resetting events so you could get ideas there and shop around for jewelers to do the work.

    I've never done it personally, although may reset some of my mom's jewelry when she passes. (assuming I'm alive and she gifts it to me) 

    (I was kidding her when we visited about putting my claims on her stuff - "i love your new earrings, put an imaginary post it on those for me")
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    I recently took the stones out of 2 rings that were handed down to me and had them reset in a necklace.  For the pendant, chain, labor and insurance appraisal, I paid around $500.  I wouldn't trust a chain jewelry store for any work though -- find an independant, local store with a good reputation instead.
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