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I know I'm like a year late on this. But Pinterest finally got an iPad app and I can use that, which is far easier than trying to pin things using the iPad Safari browser.


1. Everything is "OMG this is sooooo amazing! Pinner says it is THE BEST!!!!" or "I am pinning now and will read later". Right. I'm sure you'll read it later and it will be mediocre later.

2. Pinterest and God really go together. Apparently, God loves wall quotes with groupings of family photos. And there are a lot of people who "Do God, Do Messes, Do Grace, Do Love". These people have very active sex lives I suppose, but I thought God didn't like bestiality and all that.

3. i've seen the CraftFail, PinFail and all those sites. But I honestly want to see some of the people who have decorated their houses based on Pinterest. I keep seeing a lot of gray and yellow nursery (which seriously needs to DIAF) and I want to see that actually nurseries and how bad they look. Not just one crappy project.

Re: Pinterest

  • In re: #1, you can change those silly comments on there if you re-pin. I do most of the time.

    I hadn't noticed #2, but I don't often venture off of my own followers/followed stuff.  I really mainly use it to store my own stuff.

    Is the IPad app better?  We had played with it, but didn't really like it.  Is this a new one?
  • Well for a while I don't think there was an iPad app, it was just the iPhone app. I mean, it's not perfect but seeing as I almost never use a computer (save for work) it works.
  • Ah, maybe that's what we had DLed then.  I just remember not being very pleased with it and not using it.  I'll check again.
  • 2 - I think you're following the wrong people.  Also, you don't have to follow anyone - you can just use Pinterest as a place to stick websites you want to go back to.   Also, if the whole thing annoys you so much, don't use Pinterest.
  • Hmmm, maybe the following thing is my issue. I will investigate later.
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    1. I tend to forget to change what someone else wrote.  I will go back and revise if I've actually tried it.

    2. I've not seen much of this, but agree to either not follow anyone or not follow those people.

    3.  My month board is all about the grey nursery.
  • I like the grey and yellow together. Just not for a nursery. If I had a spare bedroom, I'd probably do it in there. I always see "tiffany blue and coral" everything - rooms, weddings, outfits...
  • I am very often tempted to make a pin entitled "how to clean your wood floors with coca cola!" or something equally ridiculous, because it seems like people will believe and try anything they see on Pinterest! People don't even OPEN the links before re-pinning!
    Also there is a specific pin that I HATE, if you search "baby polar bear" you will see that there are many many gullible/blind people on Pinterest who can't tell the difference between a craft and a live animal.

  • That whole just re-pinning thing annoys me too, b/c the original blog author stops getting credit.  Plus sometimes, the pin doesn't work or it links to something else.  I always open the actual link and make sure it's something I want.
  • Anytime I find a pin that doesn't link to what it should, I leave a comment. Just because I tend to forget and then I'll see it later and be disappointed all over again.
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