My turn to freak out...

I'm starting to panic, our RSVP date is June 21st and we only have 90 out of 160 guests that have RSVP'd. I know that we might have a little lower turnout because we are getting married on a Friday at 5:30 but people have known for almost a year. I just want enough people to show up. Now I feel like we might want to send out more invitations- that is bad huh?

When you start calling, do most people decline?

Oh, please help calm me down:) 

Re: My turn to freak out...

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    carrieoz_76carrieoz_76 member
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    Lots of ppl are just getting around to RSVP-ing.  I wouldn't worry until next week.  Plus, if they've talked to you about the wedding they often think they've RSVP-ed.

    Don't borrow next week's worries for this week.  Just wait it out, and I'm sure everything will work out.
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    alyssa324alyssa324 member
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    I am sorry trisha. It will be okay... I think when most people talk to you about the wedding they think they are rsvping.

    ugh I am past the point of freaking out I am actually mad about my ticker. I do not want to call people. Immediate family hasnt even responded not one of my wedding party REALLY!!!! I know there coming but I want them to send the cards back :(
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    mergatormergator member
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    I am not going to phone people, I will send an e-mail to those who have not RSVPed to remind them about a week before the cutoff date. Considering what I am hearing on the boards, I am REALLY glad I chose to save the money and do online RSVP, as I have had a great response so far.  I have about 25 who have not responded yet, but we're still a few weeks away from the cutoff.

    Don't panic, it will all turn out okay! and 90 is already a LOT of people! Plus, think of the MONEY you will save!
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