Happy Syttende Mai!

Today is Norway's Constitution Day :)  I'm only 1/4 Norwegian, but I try to wear my red, blue, and white on May 17th and celebrate in some tiny little way every year.

Anyone else doing anything/acknowledging today?  Anyone going to the parade in Ballard?
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Re: Happy Syttende Mai!

  • I never knew there was a parade in Ballard for this!

    I am stuck in a producibility class. Producibility is not even a word.
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  • A coworker is going to the parade.   FI and heading to the east side to run some errands. 

    Producibility - the act of producing?

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  • I have no idea why this guy won't stop talking and he is not the instructor. Our class has gone over by at least an hour, so far.
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