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bmom has inspired me

Her party sounds like a lot of fun.  I may have to join choir when I get a new parish.  Then again her's sounds kind of competitive and that may be a little issue.

Re: bmom has inspired me

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    Mine is a lot of old people.  Really, I'm younger by all of the regulars by at least 20 years.  But everything in this town is a lot of old people. 

    If I were to host a choir party the evening would result in at least one broken hip from all of my split level stairs.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    It's not competitive. There's no auditions (though there should be) because they just want butts in the seats. It doesn't make for a good sound, and our director is awful, but hanging out with the people is mostly fun. 

    I would only join if there are a fair amount of younger people. Otherwise it's boring and you have to be on your best behavior. I could never go back to an old choir again. 
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