Wedding Woes

Also, MIL story. Cat poop involved.

H is in a softball league this fall.  He goes to find his buried mit(t?-dead presidential candidate?) and realizes it must be in a bag at his mom's house.  Which means he hasn't used it in YEARS (digression of topic).

He descends to the basement but not before MIL mentions "Oh, I cleaned the cat box yesterday, but Gracie (one of the FOUR cats) might've pooped down there since then". 

What he finds is ridiculous.  He actually found (without searching) SEVERAL piles of poop, petrified as well as some wet.  The icing on this veritable cake of ossum is the fact that he saw, and also took a picture of a christmas tree.  Oh, the christmas tree was placed lovingly inside a garbage bag to keep it clean. 

Clean, save for the one lone cat turd hanging from a bottom limb.

Merry Christmas indeed!


Re: Also, MIL story. Cat poop involved.

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    Gag. That smell down there must be delightful.
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    How does that happen? 

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    in all seriousness, 6, this might be a warning sign that she might not be all there, and you and mr. 6 might need to start some planning and thinking about what happens if the next time, she doesn't give any warning.
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    Hmo - are you joking, or do you really have zero reading comprehension?

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    In Response to <a href=" Topic Wedding BoardsForum:47Discussion:7d56fa94-0534-4f5c-877a-c247f006c3eePost:ea09cfd1-c2b2-44d4-9e8b-54a6fa778003">Re: Also, MIL story. Cat poop involved.</a>:
    [QUOTE]Hmo - are you joking, or do you really have zero reading comprehension?
    Posted by AuntFlo[/QUOTE]

    I actually thought the same thing as Hmo, so whatever you're reading, I missed it too.

    ETA:  okay, I got it, but still--the MIL in question doesn't sound like she's all there
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