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Wanna hear about my sister's surgery?

First of all, she's ok.  We visited her on Saturday and she looked great.  We even went uptown and walked around the big craft fair that was in town.  She went to class yesterday and was a little sore last night, but she's doing great.

Anyway, the surgery was a horrifying experience.  They didn't put her to sleep, as was discussed in a previous appointment.  They kept giving her numbing shots in her shoulder, but they wore off quickly, so she felt it.  She said she felt every stitch.  She spoke up while laying there and the doctor said "Oh, well you'll feel the tugging and pulling."  She said "No.  I FEEL the pain of every stitch."  The doctor basically told her he was almost done so she was out of luck.

The surgery itself lasted an hour.  When it had been two and a half hours and I hadn't heard from my parents, I knew something was wrong.  When I finally got ahold of them, they told me what happened.  They were irate and let the doctor have it.  His explanation:  he misunderstood what she meant by "pain".  They were furious that she wasn't put to sleep.  That was also a "misunderstanding".

This guy wasn't her normal doctor who has worked on her for 21 years.  My parents were reassured that this was a simple surgery and that this guy would do a good job.  She's got an appointment in a week with her normal guy.

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