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so i am putting mines together right now and debating whether to put RSVP for all the events.

We are having an open bachelor/bachelorette for our all our guests who are our age.
Getting pedicures
Sunset booze cruise (can only have 30 people max)

im worried that I am not going to keep track of whos going to what and it would just help me be organized. I realise it may be tacky to have an event that not everyone can be invited to...hmm maybe i just have to look for a bigger boat.

any ideas of how to do this? Should i just put an extra card in the invite letting them know about it? or just word of mouth once we are in HI since there will be other events prior.

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    For the booze cruise, I say put it on a separate card and have it state they need to RSVP by XX date in order to reserve a spot. 

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    i agree with tygirl. :) since there is a limited number allowed, put extra card for that!
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    Yup - I think you can do an open invite to the things that don't have quantity cap but do a select special insert for the boat cruise.
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    I agree with everyone about the cruise, just make sure you only invite so many people to the cruise since it's a limited amount of seats!
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