Anyone using I Love Blush?

I'd like to hear any feedback. I am so ready to book a hair and make up vendor! Thanks :)

Re: Anyone using I Love Blush?

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    I think Kaye Smith is?  I checked them out, but they have a $300 minimum for Saturdays, and I am the only one getting stuff done, so that didn't work for me.
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    MerryfjMerryfj member
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    My flawless tan and makeup in kirkland does airbrush makeup and she doesn't have a minimum. Sequoia Leopold is the owner. She is fabulous!
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    Kaye SmithKaye Smith member
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    I am!  They've been great so far (by way of communication) but I haven't had the trial run done yet, so i'm not the greatest help.  Um, i swear, someone who just got married used them......i can't remember which knottie though!!!

    I believe they do have a three person minimum on saturdays.....and i decided that i wanted to use them after reading this from a seattle bee....


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