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I was gone today and just saw your post.  We did 6lets baptism at 8 months.  With the holidays and FIL and sMIL being gone from Jan-March and our schedules it ended up not happening until Mother's Day.  Kid 2 will probably be similar.  We have a confirmation, 2 First Communions, and other crap going on, and my parent's being in the Dominican Republic for 2 weeks.  We may just wait until summer.

As for food- I did a fairly cheap menu.  Pick up a spiral slice ham at Christmas while they are cheap.  Then I did pasta salad skewers, deviled eggs, and potato casserole.  Easy, peasy and cheap. 

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    We scheduled Bacon's for 10 days after her due date; it ended up being about 3 weeks after she was here. 

    But. I wasn't going to have a party or anything. My mom catered a breakfast for about 10 people, and I thought that was going super-overboard, but we're WASPy Catholics. 
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