Is/Has anyone doing/did a candy bar at the reception??

I was just curious if anyone has done or is planning on doing a candy bar at their reception...
If so, where did you get your candy from??
How much are you purchasing for it? per person quantity?

If you've already done it:
How were the results? Did people take alot of candy or just the right amount so everyone got some??

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Is/Has anyone doing/did a candy bar at the reception??

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    We are doing a candy bar. I have picked up candy here and there for it but there are some bulk websites where you can buy by color

    I heard a rumor to shoot for about 1/3 pound per person. I think we will be a little over that. I have also heard that the candy goes fast!
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    I'm going to do one too.  I think it will be a combo of picking some up at local stores, and ordering online from sites like candywarehouse.  Oh, and I also heard to plan for 1/4lb. to 1/2lb. per person.
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    I bought some at Costco and bought the "nostalgic" candy from metrocandy.com. They had the best pricing + shipping for the candy I wanted. I recommend doing mock orders on a bunch of sites and seeing what comes out cheapest. Also, the "name brand" candy is much more expensive (e.g., Skittles vs. red hot dollars) as is chocolate. I also recommend focusing on candy people will love, instead of a color theme. It looks awesome, but spending a lot to have leftover candy isn't worth it (IMO).

    I didn't order based on a pp weight, but instead planned for a full look. I bought 5-10 pounds of each type of candy (about 3-5 pounds per container...each type of candy filled two containers to spread it out more so people could access it easier). I probably could have bought a bit less, maybe 5-7 pounds of each type. I had 120 people (and lots of other desserts as well, which probably factors in).
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