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    Blerg. Though this isn't the first year and supposedly it's very good.

    I'm more interested in The Mystery of Edwin Drood (I was in a production of it years ago)
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    i'm cosidering it because there are discount tickets available, and i am hoping for pure entertainment, a la Legally Blonde.

    i'm actually disappointed we haven't been able to see book of mormon. maybe with H's new schedule we'll be able to fit it in, finally.
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    If you can get tickets. It's still a very hot show.
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    Is the revival of Jesus Christ Superstar still playing?  I'd recommend that.  We really loved it. 
    And we've been dying to see Book of Mormon.  I think the closest it's coming to us is Cleveland in the spring.  We have the soundtrack and it's pretty damn hilarious.
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    Book of Mormon was here last year and is coming back. I'd like to make an effort to actually go see it. Maybe with my mom, who has also been wanting to see it for a long time.

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