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I am from Chicago but my family now lives in Seattle, WA and I am cinsidering having my wedding there>  Any venue suggestions?  We are thinking of farms, wineries, barns, gardens, etc..

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    There are a lot of wineries in Woodinville, and most of the farm venues are in Snohomish County.  How many guests are you inviting?
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  • There are lots of farm/barn venues in the Snohomish area. How many guests are you having and have you set a venue budget? We're using a beautiful ranch and barn in Leavenworth, WA, but that is a bit of a drive from Seattle. 
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  • There is also the Pickering Barn in Issaquah. And I would look into woodinville for a winery wedding. There are some incredible venues out there. Good luck!
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  • If you're willing to go as far as Whidbey Island, check out the wayfarer: http://www.whidbeyislandwedding.com/

    Good luck!
  • Where in the Seattle area is your family located? I am getting married in Poulsbo, which is a little more than  a ferry ride away from downtown Seattle. Our venue is Kitsap Memorial State Park. It has a backdrop of the Hood Canal, which is a lovely body of water and there is beach access just behind the buildng. There is a log pavillion that can be used for a ceremony & a big log hall that can be used for a reception.

    There is also a big covered bbq area. We are going with catering but the good thing about this venue is that they allow you to choose your own caterer or to use their little cooking area, so it can work for every budget. We reserved the bbq area just so we don't have some random family reserve it while we are getting married. Anyway, we reserved all three (log pavillion, log hall & bbq are) for less than $1400. If you are interested and have any questions, feel free to ask! We are pretty far into our planning process.

    Here are a couple shots of the log pavillion which overlooks the water... The second picture is, obviously, off of Wallflower Photography's web site but I thought it was a good shot.

    ... and the log hall. Again, some of these shots are from photography sites.

    I guess it all depends on exactly what you are looking for!

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