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best friend/soon to be sister in law plans wedding 3 weeks after mine!!

I really need some opinions on this cuz idk if im going crazy or if this would piss other people off too.  So far everyone I've talked to agrees with me, but idk.  So my best friend was dating my fiance's brother.  They got engaged 8 months after us and 6 days after being engaged decided to plan their wedding 3 weeks after ours.  We live in a small town so their will not only be the same family but my friend and I have a lot of the same friends as well.  Our fiances parents are not financially good in any means.  My fiance and I are pay for our wedding ourselves which is why we planned it 2 years later,  Her parents will be paying for most of hers.  Not that this is important either but my fiance and I have been dating for 5 years and are older, they have been dating for 3 years. 

Essentially what it comes down to is their family has two wedding 3 weeks apart, thats time off for two weddings, two presents, if out of town, two hotel rooms, and who knows what else!  I feel its just weird, why would you plan it 3 weeks after someone in your own family!! 

Am I crazy or would this bother you too??

Re: best friend/soon to be sister in law plans wedding 3 weeks after mine!!

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    It's really not your problem to figure out how people are going to pay for things.  I'm sure everyone is perfectly capable of deciding what they will do.

    She's your best friend?  Be happy for her.

    If you absolutely can't let this go, please keep your feelings to yourself.  You would regret it if this nastiness got back to her.

    And hey, at least she didn't suggest a double wedding to help the families out with one trip. :)
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    Your wedding is one day.  Hers is one day.  Unless they're happening on the same day, you are overreacting.
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