Does anyone have any suggestions on a florist? I'm getting a brooche bouquet made by a good friend of my family and want to incorporate real flowers into it as well.

My colors are black and white, therefore I was going to stick with mostly white flowers and add some feathers in or just black ribbon around the base of the bouquets.

The Costco packages seem to be pretty good, but then I feel "stuck" with roses. Any suggestions? I'm hoping for it to not be too expensive ($1000, max).


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Re: Florists

  • I sorta DIY'd my flowers and I used http://www.tulips.com/

    I had the flowers shipped to my apartment at a very specific time/date, and the customer service was top notch.  They have more than just tulips, but tulips is their specialty.
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    I spent 150 at Haggen to have my bouquet and 3 wrist corsages (for the moms) done. I DIYed my BM bouquets with big hydrangeas so that ran me about 10 bucks a piece... I hate cut flowers so there was no way I was going to spend a ton of money on them ;) 
  • Thanks for the ideas! Sounds like there are definitely some affordable options. I like that the Costco packages are essentially an affordable "one stop shop" and include everything, even center pieces. I think I'll keep looking, and will hopefully find a local florist to talk to so that I can at least compare the prices and see where that goes.
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  • Tiffany- I am not sure what all they do, but check out Central Market they seem to have an awesome selection. And are always pretty helpful when I go in.
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  • veassieveassie member
    Karen Younger is GREAT. She can work within any budget and only does weddings, and only books one wedding a weekend so shes focused on your stuff.  She also does free setup and delivery in the seattle area, and has tons of vases and pillars for your to borrow at no extra charge.  I can send you her email if you like, shes great I am booking her and my friend whos wedding is in July has been working with her for a month or two now
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  • Oh Central Market - GREAT idea!! I'll talk to them!

    Veassie - if you could send me the contact info, that would be awesome! Thank you!!!
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