NWR: VENT!!!!!

My accountant emailed over a payroll journal this morning (that's like our pay stub) so I wrote paychecks. This was at like 10am this morning.. She just called her screaming that I should have known that journal was incorrect and swore at me & then hung up on me. I said about 10 words to defend myself and that's all I got out.
I wish these phones were recorded cause I'd really like to play that back for my boss!
Then I run outside to catch my boss before she leaves and I tell her all about it. She is just shocked but says, well don't worry, somethings bothering her and she'll call you back to apologize. So I come back inside and the phone rings, I didn't answer it at first the person hung up. Then it rang again and I answered it. It was of course was our accountant. She just freaking started screaming at me again, telling me that I was suppose to be professional and my job was suppose to be this and that and I should never act like that. (she did our taxes for us in trade for FI to work on her car) She went on to say our arrangement with her doing our taxes and FI working on her car is off and she wants me to pay for it. Then hung up on me again. I didn't say 1 single word. I told FI to write up a bill on his shop's invoice for the work he is already done to her car and we can bill her and she can have $300 of my money.
First off - I am a nice person! I do not deserve this $*&^! I did NOTHING wrong. She is the one that effed up and she is taking it out on me. Are you serious!!! Grow up and be a "PROFESSIONAL!!!!!" I told my boss that I am so p.o'ed I just want to go home and cry!

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    Ick!  Mondays already suck, sorry that your coworker made today even suckier.

    Maybe give the whole taxes/car thing another day or two, maybe she is just stressed out over something else and was impulsive on canceling the trade between you two.

    Hope the rest of the day goes by fast!
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    she sounds nasty.. im sorry u had to go through that, just remember that karma is a bitch and it will come back to her.
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    Ok, update. My boss called her. :) I love her right now!
    My accountant told her that she "didn't appreciate her (my) attitude". My boss said "I was standing right there, she did not have an attitude!" (Although she wasn't) Our accountant said "well I didn't like her comment 'I didn't know you made a mistake so I wrote the checks'. (a totally legit comment!) And my boss said "{her name}!! I would of said the same damn thing!" My boss went on to say that she does NOT appreciate her yelling at her office girls. If she wants to yell at someone then she can call her and yell at her. and to never make one of us cry again! Accountant said well I wanted to do a trade for her taxes and {FI} looking at my truck (which he did a couple weeks ago) and now she wants me to pay her. My boss said that's fine, his shop will send her a bill for the time he's spent on it so far. 
    About 1/2 hour ago my accountant called our office & asked to speak to me. My front desk lady knew I wasn't ready to talk to her so she took a message. She wants me to call her. I don't know if I am ready to call her back yet. My front desk lady said "Just call her tomorrow and tell her that I forgot to tell you she called". I love where I work :)
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    And... I just got this email from her:

    Please accept my apology for my bad behavior, under a lot of pressure.
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    Wow! She sounds like she has some serious issues!! I wouldn't deal with that at all. I say don't make any deals with her. It's not worth her bi-polar-sounding personality!
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    Sorry to hear you had some Monday drama, never fun to start out a week on that kind of note.  Glad to hear your boss stood up for you and the gal finally said she was sorry, but I also agree with PP, she sounds like she's totally not the kind of person that you want to exchange favors with.

    Good thing you don't have to work with her at a desk right next to yours or anything!
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    omg! something is seriously bothering her! i'm really sorry.. but i'd def bill her for the work he has done.
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    Wow, can't wait for the next update on this! What a crazy! I would just make a formal arrangement with her. No favors. Cause she might go bat shiit crazy on you again if you went back to the original deal.
    Sorry about your crappy monday!!
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    Wow. Kudos to an awesome boss and receptionist though for having your back!! And um...you should have known she'd made a mistake on her accounting? No, that's why she's a "professional" (in the loosest sense of the term it appears).
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