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Get a Bridal Coach to Keep the Wedding Woes Away! Keeping you Content, Communicating better and Focu


What should you do about those stubborn pounds? Is the stress of it all getting worse?  Is it hard for you to tell your friends,family, planner and or vendors what you really want?  Are your friends slowly becoming frienemies? Are your parents or in-laws getting to you? Are you starting to wonder what you are going to do to stay focused on what's most important to you? Get a Bridal Coach!

Every bride wants to be at her best from the second she gets engaged until the moment she says, " I do" and for everyday that follows the honeymoon.  With all of the work and consideration that goes into making your wedding what you hope to be one of the best, most spectacular, days of your life, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Bridal coaching will help because let's face it, if you aren't feeling at you best and brightest, what's the point?!

What is Bridal Coaching?

It's life or performance coaching for the bride-to-be, couples about to wed, their families, or the bridal parties as a whole.  It's for keeping everyone on good terms, communicating well, staying fit, and getting done whatever they need to achieve for the wedding, with less conflict, less frustration and less overall stress, so that on the big day everyone is happy to be there and after the honeymoon everyone is still friends.


Why Getting a Coach is Important:

When stress is starting to barge into your wonderful wedding plans and frustration is setting in, bridal coaching is the key to continuing at your best down the aisle to Happily Ever After.
 A bridal coach will help you to achieve you goals more efficiently and with less stress.  They will help you stay on track with your diet if desired and keep you emotionally fit while managing you, your friends, family, bridal party, soon-to-be spouse, vendors, budget and your ever important work life.
We partner with you to help your dreams come true.

What is the Process?

The process is simple: It is a supportive, motivating accountability conversation that you have one or more times a week with your coach to discuss what going on with you, your life,  your decision, your interactions, with family, friends, the groom to be, vendors and your planner, should you have one.  It will help you to stay on tract to meet your goals, communicate successfully and keep everything in good perspective.

Who's this Coach to Me?

  Your coach is the non-biases ear that you really can't get from friends and family because believe it or not, they all have an agenda for the role you play in their lives. Your choices affect them, their wallets, their self-perceptions, and more, but they don't affect your coach which is the luxury you need to get at the truth and to the heart of what will make you happy, keep you healthy, decrease you stress and thereby keep you beautiful, mind, body, and spirit.


Bridal Coaching is the answer to a healthier, happier bride, groom and marriage!  Get one for yourself, a friends, family or you future in-law, because we pride ourselves in giving the gifts of contentment, control, and comfort so she can be at her best on the happiest day of her life!


Sherrae L. Hartie, Psy.M

               Executive, Life & Bridal Coach


Pure Elegance Bridal Coaching

by 20 Something Solutions, LLC

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Re: Get a Bridal Coach to Keep the Wedding Woes Away! Keeping you Content, Communicating better and Focu

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    Vendors are not appreciated (or allowed in the rules you agreed to…click on the nice little “rules” button at the bottom of the boards--If you're posting as a vendor and ingoring the rules I tend to assume either 1. you aren't literate enough to read things you agree to and/or 2. you have no respect for rules and feel free to lie--think about what that says about your business).

    If you are selling something, you are a vendor: ven•dor --Pronunciation: 'ven-d&r, ven-'dor—n: one that sells something.

    GO AWAY.
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    Bridal coaching is the secret to a good marriage? 

    I guess I'll just go file for divorce, because silly me: I kept myself stress-free and on good terms with everyone my realizing that my wedding was just a party, and having my loved ones around me was better than anything else. 

    And, oh, yeah - I didn't have anyone screaming at me that my family had an agenda and I'd better put down that ice cream or become a fat fatty. (Heh. Become.) 

    Not only are you not appreciated as a vendor, you're not appreciated as a human being. You sound awful. Howsabout you "coach" yourself into being a decent person? 
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