Wedding Woes

frustrated already!

So my step-mom has already made it clear she and my father will not be financially helping with the wedding. Yet she has to have her input on EVERYTHING.

I have 14 months to go, I just started planning, and Im already tired of it.

Were on a tight budget since we are doing this on our own. But we both come from big families. I WANT all our family and friends there, I know its not going to be possible to have everyone there but I dont want a limit set on how many people I can or cant invite to MY wedding. But when my step-sister through my moms side posted something about coming to the wedding (being sarcastic to me of course, shes in my bridal party lol) my step-mother has the nerve to post "I thought yo u were having a SMALL wedding?"


My half-sister, through she and my dad, is also a part of my bridal party and very weight concious. I understand this and I do not need the reminder that my sister and my cousin are both bigger than the other girls and I need to make sure they are happy with their dresses. We have to order dresses a little earlier in advance because one is getting shipped to Hawaii and another is going to Spain (family all over the globe LOL) So I showed them all 3 different dresses I liked, sent the dresses to my sisters email, and my step mother still checks it first and tells me none of them will work. DIdnt even give my sis a chance to look. Then of course comes the email of suggestions on dresses, none of them even remotely close to what I was looking at, and most of them looking like they were made for a child. My sister is the youngest and shes already 16, Im sure she is grown enough to wear a dress that doesnt look like it belongs on a nun. In fact, correct me if Im wrong, but this dress ( ) seems rather proper for the ages of my bridesmaids (16-28) as well as their weight.

I chose to ignore the email but its still annoying.

Then I went to the bridal show today and was talking to FH's sister about the reception online. She saw the chat conversation and again had to add her opinion.

She wants everything HER way yet she wont help a bit. Shes driving me up the wall but sadly if I do something to make her go away my dad goes with her. Not on his own will but he is unable to drive or fly here on his own, so its up to her to bring him. All she has to do is decide that shes not coming and its a good chance my dad wont be there. IDK what to do now, Im so irritated at her and the things that are held over my head.
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