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Upcoming weddings

Hey everyone!! I am just trying to get an idea of who's weddings are coming up so I can be sure to get on and say congrats when I need to. I think it is just me on July 28th and Dawn on August 3rd. Anyone else coming up soon? Maybe we can start a sticky with our wedding/anniversary dates?
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Re: Upcoming weddings

  • I have these dates already, can peeps confirm or add their own, I would be happy to make a sticky for ya'll Smile :

    Knottie Name: LGM22
    Wedding Date:  August 11, 2012
    Colors:  Purple, White
    Theme: Music

    Knottie Name:  elyse05
    Wedding Date:  Aug 18 2012
    Colors:  blue blue and blue, maybe some yellow:)
    Theme: waterfront brunch

    Knottie Name:  sparent2010
    Wedding Date:  September 1, 2012
    Colors:  Purple, Cream, Maybe Silver
    Theme:  No set theme yet- offbeat (we want to use the hedgies as RB), outdoors, modern

    Knottie Name: doublenn
    Wedding Date:  September 29, 2012
    Colors:  not picked yet
    Theme: winery/fall

    Knottie Name:  Future Mrs.Fugatt-Larson 
    Wedding Date: January 19, 2014
    Colors:  Navy, Silver, White, Ivory, Ice blue
    Theme: Winter, snow, snowflakes, diy.
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  • I am in 9 days! July 21st, 2012 :)
  • edited July 2012
    Ohh add me! My wedding isn't soon, but here's the details:

    Wedding Date: August 2, 2013
    Colors: Black and white
    Theme: Modern
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  • Wedding Date:  Aug 26 2012
    Colors:  ivories, purples, oranges
    Theme: Alice in Wonderland/Afternoon tea with heavy food and booze :) 
  • Date : August 3 Colors: blue and brown Theme: None

    August 2012 - Married! Follow Me on Pinterest
  • September 16th 2012
    Blue and Tangerine
    No theme!

    Woohoo almost here!
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  • Knottie Name:  MrsAshleyP
    Wedding Date: July 28, 2012                                      <----Getting CLOSE!!
    Colors:  Blue and orange!
    Theme: Summer, country, diy
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  • Knottie Name:  aznini
    Wedding Date:  September 2, 2012
    Colors:  Chocolate brown and lime-ish green. Although I'm not really sticking with the colors.
    Theme:  Asian inspired

    @sparent2010 - are hedgies hedgehogs?  My fiance and I were looking into getting one (think there's a waitlist from the breeder though). That would be super cute to have them as RB
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