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Just wondering if anyone has had good experience with a cover band, or one they could recommend?

For those of you who have dj/band booked, what method did you use to pick them?

Thanks :)

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    I'm riding on this post as well, because we are looking into bands. However I wanted to post the one company that we have selected thus far: J and J Music.  They have tons of bands on their website and I believe most are under $2000 for about 5 hours.  We saw the Jason Parker band perform at a wedding event and loved them. But we are still looking for other options, so I'd love to hear what others are using.
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    Thanks for posting that link! That under $2000 is really important to us. We're not sure if we can afford a band, but would love to if we can swing it!  I should have asked this before, but has anyone been to a wedding where they had dueling pianos as the main form of music?

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    I've worked with The Casuals before - fun band with lots of energy and range (they have two female and one male lead singer so they can do all kinds of songs).  Unfortunately my clients foot the bill so I don't know their price range.


    Two Buck Chuck is another great option but they're more ceremony and dinner music - not so much dance.


    I'm personally using a DJ for cost reasons - in terms of picking them I just interviewed a bunch in person and read reviews.  FI and I really clicked with the one I chose plus he suggested a great alternate location when ours fell through.
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    What kind of music are you into?
    There are tons of jazz bands that will do $1000 for 5 hours, and they are really good musicians.
    One way to look for good bands is to search for "Gig Master", go to the website and register with them. Pin down exactly what kind of music you are looking for and tell them when your wedding is. They will limit the bands down to the kind of music that you like.
    I would also recommend going to local restaurants that have live music. If you hear something you like, ask the band if they do private events. A lot of them will do weddings and for a very cheap price :)
    We were able to book our jazz band for about $1000.

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