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Free Shutterfly Book?

8x8, 20 page book.  Free to the first person who asks.  Must be used by TOMORROW though.

Re: Free Shutterfly Book?

  • I got one and it told me that my code was unique to ONLY ME.  I was wondering if that was true. 

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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  • Well, I guess I know what I'll be doing tonight.  DD's first year in 20 pages.
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    I tried to use that code, and itwouldn't let me apply it to my account.

    But really, you'll never get the first year in 20 pages.  I tried to do Dex's first month in 20 pages and ended up cutting it down to his first day.

    I did do a book of just the photos we took on his "birthday" every month, and that turned out really awesome.  If you limit it to that, you might have a fighting chance of keeping it to 20 pages.

  • I don't have an account. I would like to put one together for our wedding. It would be hard to get a limited number of pictures, but it would nice to have a smaller book.
  • I had been working on mine since Friday.  I did a book of our vacation.

    I always take it too seriously and make everything perfect.  Seriously, a 20 page book took me 4 days (I did add 7 pages to it at .80 a sheet).  I really need to make one for our wedding but I'm afraid it will take me forever.
  • ya i did all the vendor work and i book marked the free book and upload page to my computer cause i didnt have my wedding pics yet and now i came back to claim it and use it (a few days later) and i cant find it anywhere on this website! any ideas? cause i really really want it!!

    _mrs. carrasca
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