Wedding Woes

How do you east coast/midwest people do it?

All I've been wanting to do is lay on the sofa in my flannel pjs and pump the heater up.

I'm turning into a slug, for reals. I was invited to a party this weekend and I didn't go. I always go.:(

I'll also like to add that I'm invited to 3 baby showers this month. Like...3. I'm not sure how that happened. I do look forward to the cake and sherbet punch. Y'all know I love me some sherbet punch. I'm happy for the ladies and look forward to seeing some cute brown babies, but three in one month is too much, yo.

I'm also understanding why people quit their job, and move to another country for a year. Am I the only person that sees the value in that right about now?

I'm making myself go to the gym after work today. I have my work out clothes with me and I'm changing before I leave school.

I can't handle being a slug too much longer..... I need the spring to come, quick and in a hurry.

Re: How do you east coast/midwest people do it?

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    It's hard.   Not that we've even really had cold weather yet this season, but typically it's tough.   I don't do much in the winter time - between it being dark when I get home and freezing my butt off, I'm pretty much a slug.  :(
    I love sherbert punch, too.   It's one of the many things I love about showers, but yeah - 3 in one month is too many.
    You should totally do the live abroad for a year thing.   What's stopping you?
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    It's supposed to be 60* here today.  SIXTY.  IN JANUARY.
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    Exactly Taw. You know on Thursday when the "real" weather hits...people will be FREAKING out. 
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    edited January 2012
    Taw, what is going on with the weather that it's colder here than there?
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    You soak up the sun while you can!  I'll take the cold over the heat and humidity anytime. 

    3 showers in a year is too much.  I can't imagine that in one month.

    If I didn't have kids I'd totally live abroad.
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    I'd much prefer the cold to sweating my ass off when you step out your door. 

    I love sherbet punch.  But 3 baby showers in a month is way.too.much.  Are they all due the same week or something?

    I'd love to live abroad.  BIL and SIL may have the opportunity and I can't say I won't be a little jealous if they end up going abroad for a year or so.
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    One is due at the end of Feb, March 4th, and March 12.

    I think that's it for 2012. I have my bets on who is getting knocked up next, but time will tell.
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    Yup, O.  No matter how long peole have lived here, the teeniest precipitation makes people lose all of their driving knowledge.

    I really could live in any climate, despite how much I complain about the weather.  I enjoy having 4 seasons.  DH, on the other hand, not so much.  If we could up and move today, he'd move us to Florida.

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: How do you east coast/midwest people do it?</a>:
    [QUOTE] I enjoy having 4 seasons.  DH, on the other hand, not so much.  If we could up and move today, he'd move us to Florida.
    Posted by tawillers[/QUOTE]

    This is DH and I.  He loves it hot, hot, hot.  I like the seasons.

    We do want to get to a point where we can take an extended trip somewhere warm in the winter.  That probably won't happen until the kids are out of school.
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    I miss the seasons, but you can't beat going to the pool in January.

    I'd love to eventually spend summers up north and winters here. Yes, I dream of being a snowbird.
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    I love the heat. It's been in the 40's in the mornings and I'm dying. I hate it. I love my 70's and 80's. Hell, I even like the 100 degree days.

    DH may have the opportunity to move us overseas. If he does, we are going. I will live in a studio apartment and wear garage sale makeup to make it happen.
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    I'm snorting at the thought of PMeg putting on her garage sale Mary K and looking out the window of her crackerbox apartment and telling The Boy, "But we're in PARIS (London, Rome, Prauge, etc)!"

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    I would do it though! I already told DH that if we move to another country, I will be quitting my job and any spare time we have will be spent traveling around seeing things. I've also pitched it as highly educational. I think he thinks that I just want an opportunity to shop in a new place. He's only 50% right.
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