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This sucks

Last night I was checking accounts and found a strange charge in my checking account.  H and I both looked at it and agreed, we didn't get anything from that company, which cannot be found by googling, on that day.

We were able to get the charge reversed, the debit card cancelled, and the bank is investigating the charge because it looked very suspicious to them.  It took half an hour and talking to three different people to accomplish all that, but it's done.  If I can get away from my desk this afternoon, I'll head to the bank to get a temporary card.

Re: This sucks

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    Man!  At least you got it taken care of ASAP. 
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    That does suck.  At least it's taken care of.  I would recommend pulling your credit reports.
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    I did check my credit report and they look normal.  I check my credit reports often.  Particularly after some idiot managed to accidentally posted my social security number (along with a few thousand fellow co-workers) on the internet a few years ago.

    Paranoia, haz it.
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