Wedding Woes

Two DH stories

1. DH got approached by one of the interns he's supervising to have a play date. Intern has a son the same age as DS and she wants to get together and do whatever happens on play dates. I laughed my azz off when DH said this because he is the least social person in the world. Dude wants to sit at home and play video games. He goes out like 2 times a year and it's with like 3 other people. Intern said she wants to go take the kids to Home Depot for the activity thing they do. I told DH to set it up, so we'll see what happens.

2. I love this man and he either may be a genius or an idiot. We shall see. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is going on now. I mentioned something to my mom that I wasn't even looking at the website because I could not afford to be shopping. Yesterday DH asks me if on Saturday I want to have a day to myself and go shopping (my birthday is in August, so it's an early present). I can spend whatever I want. He'll take care of DS- I just go do my thing. He put no spending limit on me, just told me to be reasonable. PMeg's definition of reasonable is his definition of outrageous. I have several items I've been coveting.

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