Sorry I'm being a total PW today... but its dead in here!

Does anyone want to share their "week of" to-do list, and their schedule for the day of? Like, getting ready and ceremony & reception timing?

I would REALLY appeciate it! THANKS!!!
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    Yes, one of you super-organized brides, please share! :)
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    Based on another Knottie's recommendation, I plan to STOP all projects the week before the wedding.  So the Saturday before will be my last day to do projects.

    Take cousin and aunt visiting from Thailand and mom to Orcas Island for the day

    Any last minute errands

    Noon - FMIL arrives, get her settled in the guest room, dinner with FMIL and FI

    Possibly pick up CA BM from airport (11am), head north to venue to do some set-up for the wedding and prepare for RD, go to hotel @ 3pm to check in, shower, change and head back to venue for rehearsal & RD

    10am- pick up dress and bring to hotel room
    11am- Breakfast with BP
    12:30pm - Manicure & pedicure with BP, FMIL, and FstepMIL
    Afterwards head back to hotel to relax

    7am - Start hair & makeup

    And that's all I've got so far!
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    i'm working during the week until thursday.

    picking up flowers from pike place
    getting ready for rehearsal and RD
    Trying to get some sleep, last night at home

    finish all bouquets/bouts
    spend night with my bms

    makeup and hair comes at 8am
    i'm gonna try to sleep in
    get ready
    photog will show up at like 130
    do tons of photos
    get married at 530.

    i'm not organized at all.. i havne't even thought abuot this.
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    This is sort of a rough draft of what I want to be doing... it will probably change as we get closer to the date.

    Last day for wedding projects. So anything that needs to be done will be finished on or before today!



    FI and GMs Tuxes are being picked up this day!


    I would really like this day to be for relaxing with my daughter but I will most likely be with a couple OOT family.

    This day will be spent putting everything together and organized, ready to be taken to our hotel the next day. Outfits, decor...everything that's in storage right now, basically. Plan on making a check list of all that we have so we don't forget any little thing!

    Mani/Pedi's with the BMs in the morning/early afternoon. Check into hotel and get ready for Rehearsal @ 3pm. RD @ 4pm. Then spend the night with the BP at our hotel!

    Wake up at 7:30am
    Start hair/makeup around 8am
    Leave for Steilacoom by 11:30am
    12p - 2pm: First look, BP, and Family Photos at the park and beach
    2pm: Venue is open to us and start of set up!
    4:15pm: Start of ceremony
    10pm: Must be out of Venue!!
    10:30-45pm: After party at our hotel for BP and friends!!

    11am: Check out of hotel and head over to my Mom's for lunch, visiting with OOT Guests and opening presents.
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