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So I was talking to my fiance about the ceremony and the vows the other day and he informed me that he doesn't want to have microphones on where people can hear us. The reason? He says that the vows part, speaking from his heart in front of a lot of people makes him extrememly nervous to the point where he is dreading it and having anxiety about it. My big problem is that I really want to make sure that our guests can hear our vows too and I am having its filmed as well and I worry that the camera woman won't be able to get it on tape where you can hear it if we don't have mics. Anyone have any suggestions? I don't think I can get him to budge on this particular issue.

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    Look at it as your first compromise in marriage.  At the end of the day your guests hearing the vows are not nearly as important as YOU hearing them.  Ask him to write the vows out and then you can do something with that.  Talk to your videographer about hte recording.

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    I agree with 6.  It's not important for your guests to hear the vows he wants to say to you semi-privately.
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    I agree with pp.

    Your videographer may have microphones for you to wear or hold that feed into the camera and not the main PA system.  We wore wireless mics so the video picked our audio.
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