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Wallet story.


So, the only things in life that makes me nervous is spending large sums of money. I get to stuttering and a large line appears between my eyes. It's my, "I'm about to spend a lot of money" line.

Please recall I bought a new car in December, and a sista was running the numbers and price shopping, so money was on my mind after leaving a dealership after work.

I was walking to my car, but couldn't find my keys, so I starting pulling things out of my purse and putting them on the hood of my car.

Yes, you know what happens next. I found my keys in my pocket of my coat, so I throw everything in my purse and drive off. I'm about 3 lights from the tollway, so I hop on it, only to see something fly off the hood of the car.


I started praying. "Lord, my wallet." I get off at the next exit, make a u-turn(on two wheels) and get back on the toll, VERY SLOWLY.

Then I see it. Flopping in the wind. Right on the yellow line of the second lane.

Please know that this is a major tollway, and I don't drive less than 70 mph on it myself.

I pull to the side, and think. I have to slide over the seats because I can't open my drivers side door because of the coming cars. I get out and find my atm card chewed up, so I pick it up. I keep walking and picking up stuff. My lady doctors business card,  a $10 bill, Kroger card, my insurance card.

You know, important stuff. I finally get to the spot where I see my wallet. Cars are running over it, and it's just SITTING THERE, in all of its glory.

So, I stand and wait on the side of the tollway. It's cold, and my nose is running, and cars speeding by wondering who is the crazy lady clutching business cards.

After about 3 minutes I made my decision, said a prayer, waited for a long break in the cars, and RAN.

Like, ran faster then I ever have in life. Grabbed my wallet, and ran back. I can only imagine the looks on peoples faces.

I got back in my car, and just sat there. I swear my life flashed before my eyes. I open my wallet and there is my drivers license, snug in its holder.

I swear these things only happen to me, and I know how dumb it was to do.

It seemed like a good idea in the moment.:(

Re: Wallet story.

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