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How was the weekend?

Sat we went to the ILs.  Had a nice dinner out- the kids couldn't have ben better behaved, ate their dinner, and generally made their grandparents laugh.  sMIL's sisters came over with a couple of gifts for the kids.  I don't knowif anyone needs ideas, but one aunt got them these capes that were the most ridiculusy cute things ever.

Sunday we had Christmas lunch with MIL, sFIL, and the clan.  It was a good time, but I do have to say boxed scalloped potatoes have to be the most vulgar thing I've ever seen. 

Last night sucked big time though.  I don't know what's wrong with M2 but she was up most of the night.  I even had to wake DH up to go to her because I was so tired.  DH was so worried about her he even told me he'd take her to the doc today if needed.

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    ::looks down::

    Looks like we lost a lot of our posts or there's an alternate knotiverse.

    Weekend was pretty good.  Friday, I was off early and had an impromptu lunch with a good friend.  I then went shopping.  I went out for late drinks/appetizers with some friends.

    Saturday, the kiddo had his second bball game and then we went to my parents to bake cookies.

    Sunday, we watched the Colts game (DefConn was hilarious at the end because DH and I were jumping up and down and yelling and he joined us). And then we put up our tree and Christmas decorations.  The kiddo is super into decorating.  It's adorable.

    Oh and here's DefConn 'playing' hide and seek at my parents with my nephew and the kiddo...He thought covering his eyes and counting was the best.   He had us all on the floor.
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    I love the hiding pictures!!!  M2 loves to hide.  She runs around saying "hide, hide, hide" until someone finds her.
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    Weekend was good.  It was mostly low-key.

    DH and I worked on the floor trim in the living room.  Yes, it has been 2 months since we got our new furniture and painted.  Don't judge me.

    We had to make a trip to convenient care because I stepped on a nail in the garage.  A nail from our original floor trim.  The damn thing went into my heel through my shoe and my a-little-too-long jeans.

    Turns out I didn't need to go.  I knew I hadn't had a tetanus shot in years but suddenly remembered my whooping cough vaccine when DD2 was born.  That would be a tdap, which includes tetanus, so I'm good.  They flushed out the puncture and bandaged me up.

    Other than that, the weekend was pretty nice.
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    We had a great weekend. Friday we just relaxed. DS and I ran errands on Saturday and worked on cleaning the house. Sunday we played, watched movies, and hung out. I got to sleep in on Saturday morning and it was so nice to get a ton of sleep. This morning I have to take DS to the dentist which sucks hard.
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    Ouch!  Taw that sounds awful.

    DefConn is adorable  :)  The concept of Hide-and-Seek is much funnier when done this way.

    Also...since I see 6 here I assume she held that baby in.  And boo, poor little one.  :(

    My weekend went really fast.  I helped DH finish up at my parents house painting and ripping down paper and tape.  Then we had lunch, I took out my brother for the afternoon, and I returned home to lounge around.

    Sunday was nice.  H and I had a nice Sunday.  We were going to check out a church but since he's been pulling double duty, it was hard to convince him.  Next week!  I then met up wtih HS friends for dinner and it was so much fun.  I probably alienated everyone with my stupid stories and honking laugh.  Dont' care too much though.
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    Friday night we checked out a new Scotch bar, which was great great great fun.  I had an Indian single malt whiskey that was very interesting.  However, we came home and drank more.  We've been very good about drinking and trying to eat/be healthy.  This resulted in Saturday, feeling like I'd poisoned myself most of the day.  So, we're at a 2 drink limit I think.

    We watched Men in Black 3 (worth it) and Prometheus (not worth it).

    Sunday we went to our Mens Chorus which was great.  More great was 200+ people and close to $3K raised for them.  My little city is growing up.  It made me proud.  Also, my old HS choir teacher is in the chorus.  I went to say hello and I could tell he didn't know who I was.  About 30 seconds later, his eyes got big and his mouth dropped open and he recognized me.  It was fun.  Then we pretty much played Magic for the rest of the night.  That big list of chores I had on Friday?  None of them were done.  Oh well.
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    Weekend kind of blew. But I got through some of the gifts I'm making. Have to finish the rest and make the ornaments to go with them. This coming weekend should be better.
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    Weekend wasn't bad. Nothing of note happened, just normal life.
    "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~C.S. Lewis
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    My weekend started on Thursday at 3.  DH and I had a night away in Downtown Columbus.  We checked into our hotel, then walked around the city for a bit.  Went to dinner and pigged out on happy hour appetizers.  Saw the movie "Argo" - loved it!   Walked around some more, then went back to the hotel.  Watched TV and snacked, had some bcbc, then went to sleep.  
    Got up in the morning and had an ah-mazing breakfast buffet that totally ruined our plans for a meat coma lunch (brazilian steakhouse) - so instead we went to the new casino in town and walked around for a while.   No gambling for us.
    Then we drove around our old neighborhood from 8 1/2 years ago when we first moved in together.   Stopped into a mega thrift store and scored two new-in-box board games.
    Came home and watched our final Walking Dead to get caught up.  (Still have to watch last night's finale)
    DD had her first ballet recital.  There were 10 classes of kids from 2 year olds to 8 years - with the average age probably 3 1/2.   Fortunately, each class only danced for a few minutes.  It was chaos, but at least it was cute chaos.
    We watched football most of the day, then went to our friends house for dinner and DD played with their boys.
    I went shopping with my mom to pick out Christmas pajamas for all the grandkids.  It was not fun.  Finding jammies that coordinated for 3 boys and 3 girls ranging from size 18 months to 8, was very difficult.  We weren't even trying to have them match.   Blech.
    For dinner I made pasta and homemade alfredo sauce, whcih I think I have perfected.  It was my best yet.  I just wish I had leftovers for today.
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    conn, i told H we need to teach the kid hide-n-seek because of those cute pictures.

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