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I need help? Within the last eight years, I have lost the two most significant people in my life, my Father & Grandfather. Can I walk down the aisle alone? Or will that just make the vibe sad, and pathetic?

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    I'm so sorry for your losses, espcially hard as you are planning your wedding!  I don't think it matters if you walk down the aisle by yourself at all!  If you are self concious about it though maybe a brother, cousin, or even you mom?  Anyone who would think that is pathetic you probably wouldn't want there anyway!
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    My father and both my grandfathers are deceased, and I have no brothers.  I will ask my mom to walk me (we're close) or I will walk alone partway, and FI will meet me and we will walk the rest of the way together.  Depends on what Mom says, she may not be comfortable walking me. I'm of a certain age and have lived independently for 20 years, I am my own woman and can walk alone if I choose.  I still will miss my Daddy, though. 
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    I am so sorry for your losses.

    Yes, you can walk down the aisle alone. Or you & and your husband to be could walk in together. Either way.
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    I'm sooo sorry for your losses.

    Really, anyone you are close to can walk you down the aisle, if they agree to. If you would like your mother to walk you down the aisle or another close relative, that's fine. You could even have your FI walk down the aisle.

    And yes, you could walk yourself down the aisle. No, that does NOT make you pathetic. 

    Good luck.
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    It's really hard, I'm really close to all my family, and it's possible to choose from my two uncles. Then there's that happy "i've decided" moment, and afterwards I find myself saddened, and saying to myself, "but...I don't want them, I want my Daddy/Grandpa!" it's like I'm being forced to settle. Well, thank you so much for all your IMO. It gives me new narrow grounds to think about.
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    it has nothing to do with being independant. Your Mom doesn't have to "give" you is an honor to escort you to your marraige. I can't imagine as a mother, not being honored to do that for a daughter or my son.
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    I attended the wedding of a girl who was an only child and her father passed and her mother walked her down. My sister had both my brothers walk her down. It can be anyone who's close to you... strangley enough, in the movie I Love You Man Rashida Jones had her MOH walk her down (I know, it's just a movie..)
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    Your wedding isn't for another 2 years, you don't need to decide this right now.
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    I am sorry to hear about the loss of your dad and grandfather. I am experiencing a similar situation having lost both my grandfather and father almost two years ago.

    I am having my older brother walk me down the aisle on my wedding day in July. I had contemplated walking alone since no one could ever replace my Dad. However I know he would have wanted my brother or one of my close uncles to take on that honor in his place.

    This is a truly personal decision. Listen to your heart on this one as cheesy as that may sound. If you cannot decide between uncles or other family members consider this: choose one to walk you down the aisle, and then during the typical "father-daughter dance" have the remaining men in your life (uncles, cousins, etc) take turns dancing with you in a "cutting in" sort of fashion. A close friend of mine lost her father years ago and her brothers did this during the traditional dance at her reception. She said it kept the mood lighter that way, despite the sadness about those who are absent that day.

    Best wishes.

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