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Something I learned today

I know everyone is gone for the weekend, but I feel like posting anyway.

So I went to a meeting at my church today to help plan a building fundraiser.  We were talking about decorations and one of the women mentioned that she had a lot of gauzy fabric if we wanted to drape the ceiling. 

Me:  This will take A LOT of fabric, how much do you have? 
Church lady: Oh, enough for draping the barn for my nudes.
Me: Your what?
Church lady: My photography.  [Other church lady] helps me and we use her barn.  We drape the whole barn with fabric and shoot nudes.
Me:  Oh.

They also told me about getting drunk at a presbyterian women's lunch. 

I knew we were going to one of the more liberal churches in town, but by liberal I thought I meant that they don't have a Sarah Palin themed Sunday school class.  Of course the whole church isn't as open minded, but I'm glad that they don't all fit the KY stereotype.

I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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