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Handprint ornament

I was inspired to try this just now... Getting a 12 week old to open his hand is so!much!fun!... My neighbors probably think I'm beating him. It's in the oven now... It kinda looks like a hand..

Re: Handprint ornament

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    How much dough did you get? About how many ornaments does the recipe yield?
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    At that age it's all about the feet. 

    I may have to try this tomorrow though.

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    My neighbor made the dough and brought me a ball of it... She made several ornaments with hers, and I have half the dough she gave me left, so it goes a long way. I know she used a recipe on pinterest which is really narrowing it down, I know. I've been waiting to do it and Ww pushed me to do it! Depending on how it turns out, I'll make a footprint tomorrow.
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    Cool. Thanks!
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    I cut the recipe in half and made 4 handprints out of it.
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    I just ordered the kits off is easier getting the hand open at 5 months, but getting it up again without a fistful of clay coming with it is nearly impossible.  I got 3 hands and one foot ornament
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