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Weird Ponderings

Why is it, when I think my hair looks like total crap, I get the most compliments on it?  I hate the color and the curl is giving me the middle finger while it goes back to sleep and refuses to be pretty.  I've had 3 people tell me they like my hair today.

I'm trying to come up with more, but I can't.  My mind is not in the working mode today.

Re: Weird Ponderings

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    That happens to me too.  People are all, "Your hair is so cute!"  and I'm all, "THIS rats nest?  I tried to make it look the least shitty."
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    Did you know it takes 3 weeks for men's facial hair to get used to a new shaving system?  This is according to the instructions for DH's new electric razor.
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    My hair has changed over the last few years. I think it's getting thinner, and I'm not happy.
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