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    [QUOTE]So in the past month, 2 different people involved in my wedding have told me they want to split/ a break with thier husbands. One is my MOH and one is the hostess (her hubby is supposed to be hosting along side her) at my wedding. I love them both dearly, but I feel like if something happens within the next 4-1/2 months, they are going to have a hard time participating in my wedding. And not to be a totall beeyatch, but I feel like the focus of my wedding day will shift to their problems and not the real purpose of the day, my fiance and I getting married... and enjoying it! I know my MOH wouldnlt miss my wedding for anything in the world, but what am I supposed to do, or not do? I've been listening intently to their problems, and it scares me to get married... even though I know I'm totally ready to get married and totally in love with the man I'm marrying. Any suggestions or advice?! Help is greatly appreciated!
    Posted by Sjones18211[/QUOTE]

    <div>what?</div><div>what is a "wedding party hostess"?</div><div>how do you think they will thunderjack your wedding day attention with marriage problems, short of a brawl breaking out?</div><div>wht are you supposed to do/not do? in terms of what? your friend needs to work out her marriage problems - the most you can do is be a good friend to her while she is going through a hard time. </div><div>how old are you people?</div><div>
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    All you need to do is be there for your friend and prepare for the fact that their attention is no longer on your wedding. And I don't mean kick them out of the wedding party because that is just rude but I mean mentally prepare yourself. Remember that it is up to you to make sure you and your fiance have a great wedding day. That is YOUR focus. Not theirs. You can't leave your happiness up to other people because if you did that is only setting you up for dissappoingment.

    Also just because their marriage didn't work out doesn't mean yours won't. Just work hard on your marraige and be there for your husband and communicate with him.
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    But you do sound like a beeyatch, whatever that is. It's one day. If you don't have faith that for one day your friends can just put that aside and be happy for you, then your sort of a bad friend. Additionally, if you think that getting a divorce is not life changing and that people should continue to focus on your pretty princess day, then you suck at life. No one gets married with the intent to divorce- but life happens. Move on.
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    thank you for the ACTUAL advice, and not just attacking me
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    In Response to <a href=" Topic Wedding BoardsForum:47Discussion:9e55bf41-6c4d-4208-afae-603d92563018Post:311c44ca-aeb7-49c2-890d-104339b6717f">Re: Marriage Troubles... within my wedding party</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Marriage Troubles... within my wedding party : <strong>what? what is a "wedding party hostess"? </strong>Posted by *Barbie*[/QUOTE]

    That was my question as well.  I have never heard of this and am curious.

    It's not the same as restroom attendant, right?
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    Stop worrying about how their turmoil/divorces affect your upcoming marrige.  It's apples and oranges.

    Are your friends and their husbands currently having knock-down drag-out fights in public?  If not, then I wouldn't worry about it too much.

    And there's going to be a million things the day of your wedding that may 'pull focus' from 'your day'.  I don't think I've ever sat at a reception table at a wedding and talked about the couple the whole time. 
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    i think you should demote the MOH and hostess to diva cup attendants if they let their marriage troubles get in the way of your pretty princess day. 
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    I think wedding host/hostess must be a regional thing.  In my experience, most weddings in this are don't have wedding or day of coordinators.  The host and hostess are available at  the reception venue to welcome people, direct them to the guest book, bar and to be seated when it's time for dinner.  If there is a buffet, they might also direct the order which each table goes through the line. 
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