honeymoon in Seattle

What should we do where should we go/eat? We're going to a Monday night football game, and other than that we don't have a lot planned. Thinking of staying at Maxwell house.


Re: honeymoon in Seattle

  • uh... hi? 
    Where are you from, originally (ie, from where will you be traveling?) 

    It totally depends on what you two are like as a couple. 
    Are you into wine/beer? 
    Are you more the solitude-enjoying type? 
    Would you rather spend time spa-ing it up?
    Are you big outdoorsy people? If so, doing what? 

    You said you're coming for a MNF game, but when? are we talking fall, or later in the year (nov/dec) because there is a big difference in weather so that will also want to be taken into consideration.. 
  • look at the trip advisor page for Seattle attractions. It has a pretty good list of stuff and then you can search by your interests.
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